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Greetings, SFI Sponsors!

Welcome to our monthly newsletter focusing on how to be an awesome SFI sponsor and create income duplication for yourself and your growing team. Each month, we’ll cover a couple of sponsoring tips for you to review and put into practice.

About Sponsoring Affiliates in SFI:

Scoring VersaPoints and generating sales at are a great way to earn money with SFI, but if you want to a create a MAJOR monthly income stream, you must employ effective sponsoring and duplication strategies. You must learn how to lead and grow a team of active SFI affiliates, so that you may tap into the ultimate jewel in SFI’s compensation plan–VersaPoints Matching.

VersaPoints Matching means that every month you can get matching shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool on every affiliate under you within up to 12 generations downline (and on every one of your Co-Sponsored Affiliates, too). In other words, for every VP they earn, YOU can earn matching VP!

Many SFI affiliates earn THOUSANDS of matching shares EACH MONTH on the activities of HUNDREDS of affiliates! YOU can join them by following the guidelines provided in this newsletter.

Learn more about VersaPoint Matching at:



DO #1
DO follow these five powerful ways to encourage your PSAs and CSAs to become EAs so they can begin to grow their own teams and create duplication:

The Designated Diamonds (DD) program is directly aligned with THE PLAN–and facilitates your advancement all the way to Diamond Team Leader…but it’s first big benefit is that it can greatly help you generate and maintain EAs. The DD program formalizes the process of serious PSAs working together with SFI leaders towards the mutual goal of becoming a Diamond Team Leader by putting the power of Opti-Build to work for qualified Affiliates.

Learn more about Opti-Build:


Learn more about Designated Diamonds:

For every 10 personal VP your affiliates earn, they bank up to 18 bonus shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool–paid to them upon reaching each of the five Team Leader ranks. This major bonus incentivizes all of your affiliates to earn the maximum amount of VersaPoints each month while striving for the highest possible rank. This, of course, means more EAs to help you meet your Team Leader qualifications each month!

Learn more about Milestone Shares:

If you’re serious about being a Team Leader, this is one of THE most powerful tools you have at your disposal…and it’s so easy to use, too! Yes, if you’re looking for ways to have large numbers of EAs every month, this is the tool!

Check out some strategies for using this tool at:

The Signing Bonus (SB) program is yet another great tool for helping you get your PSAs active and to EA status.

Tip: You can specifically target your affiliates who have received a SB via a new “Signing Bonus” filter in your Genealogy. You can select those who have received a SB and/or who have a specific remaining SB balance so that you can send out just the right group message to inform, provide guidance, etc.

Learn more about Signing Bonuses:

Having contests for your PSAs each month is another good way to ensure EAs. Check out these Ask SC threads for a variety of ideas and insights on creating and running successful contests:


DO #2:
DO engage your new PSAs when they join your SFI team using the Icebreakers tool.

What’s an “icebreaker?”

Definition: “A thing that serves to relieve inhibitions or tension between people, or start a conversation.”

And that’s precisely what Icebreakers are designed to do–to help you engage new PSAs when they join your SFI team!

Here’s how SFI Icebreakers work:

Whenever you sign up a new PSA, you’ll have the option of using the Icebreaker tool.

Note: The easiest way is to just click the link to their Affiliate Snapshot included in the New PSA Notifications you receive by email instantly each time you personally sign up a new affiliate. From the Affiliate Snapshot, click the handshake icon located behind their name to initiate the Icebreaker.

When you initiate an Icebreaker, your new PSA will see a screen at the Affiliate Center containing a concise, friendly, and non-intimidating message. What’s more, unlike SFIM (SFI Instant Messaging), the Icebreaker window appears on top of their Affiliate Center screen…so it’s impossible to miss. It also cannot be dismissed without responding.

Four choices are given to your PSA:

1. If online now, they can respond with a, “Yes, let’s chat now” (in which case SFIM is automatically and immediately engaged for both of you).
2. They can schedule a chat with you for a later time.
3. They can request that your conversation be moved from chat to email.
4. They can defer to a later, unspecified time in the future.

Learn more about Icebreakers at:



DON’T do actions that you don’t want your downline to emulate. Remember, your downline follows your lead–good OR bad! If your downline gets the impression that YOU do nothing, they’ll likely do the same…NOTHING.



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