The Power Tools SFI provides helps affiliates become more successful by making sure they have the necessary resources to become powerful team leaders. Some of the most used Power Tools include…

  • …the S-Builder Co-op for recruiting new affiliates to build their downlines virtually on autopilot.
  • …Key codes for tracking advertising campaigns
  • …Hit tracking to analzye what ads are gaining hits
  • …Team Mailers to help team leaders stay in touch with their affiliates at all levels
  • …Reassignment manager – team leaders can help their affiliates build their teams by reassigning affiliates to them.
  • …the gift certificate manager. Gift certificates help in recruiting campaigns and in any contests that team leaders may have.

All of these tools are definitely Power Tools that other companies pale in comparison to what they provide their affiliates. With some of these Power Tools, you need to be at Team Leader level in order to take advantage of them.