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Welcome to our monthly newsletter devoted exclusively to SFI Team Leaders. As a TL, you’re an essential part of what makes SFI the best and fastest growing business opportunity in the world! Team Leaders exemplify what the SFI opportunity is all about: success through teamwork!
Each month, the Team Leader newsletter brings you the strategies, guidelines, and how-to’s you need to continue to grow as an effective leader, sponsor an active team of PSAs and CSAs, and earn MAJOR monthly income through SFI.
You can also brush up on what it takes to be an effective SFI Team Leader with these LaunchPad Lessons:
Introduction To Sponsoring:
Taking It To The Next Level:
Team Building:
Opti-Build has arrived!
On the first day of April 2017, we started a new chapter in SFI, with Opti-Build now assisting thousands to “build optimally” and empowering them to automatically follow The Diamond Plan.
In case you missed the Opti-Build announcement, you can get all the details at, but the basics are simply this:
For years we’ve been extolling the benefits of building a “5×5” organization (5 affiliates on your first generation, 25 on your second generation, 125 on your third, 625 on your fourth, and so on), as outlined in SFI’s Diamond Plan. Opti-Build helps you actively and automatically build this 5×5 “dream team,” and every member of your team, too!
Now that Opti-Build is LIVE, there are EIGHT IMPORTANT THINGS to know…
New Reassignment Rules
February’s UNSTOPPABLE affiliates!
* Don’t wait for everything to be exactly right to start…THERE WILL NEVER BE A “PERFECT” TIME! Start now, with whatever you have. The things you need will come to you as you work toward your goal.
* Though SFI is one of the few businesses where you can earn while you learn, think of your first six months primarily as a training period. Don’t expect large earnings until after you’ve educated yourself.
* Don’t give your affiliates unrealistic expectations.
* Don’t be derailed by “perfection paralysis.” Realize that you won’t be able to do everything perfectly. Do the best job you can, then move on to the next project. Keep learning and keep moving ahead.
* Read books (such as Napoleon Hill’s classic, “Think And Grow Rich”) that will convince you how powerful your mind really is. Develop the tremendous potential in you (that we all have) that has never been tapped!
* Always present yourself and your business in a professional and ethical manner.
* Stick to the facts. Don’t exaggerate the opportunity.
* Realize that “rejection” is natural. For every 20 people you contact, expect 19 “no’s” for every “yes.” You may very well do better than that, but expect 19 rejections. This way, the rejections won’t bother you because you expect them. Also, realize that they’re not rejecting YOU–they’re simply rejecting an idea. Just keep moving ahead. Be persistent, ignore the rejections, and you’ll get more than enough “yes’s” to build a highly successful business.
* Have FUN! People can’t resist someone having fun. Make your business so much fun that others will flock to you to join you.
* Ask for people’s opinion on the opportunity. It’s a good way to determine what objections they might have to joining and also allows you the chance to overcome those objections.
* Don’t place a few ads or contact a few people and expect the money to start rolling in. Expect to work your business consistently for two to three years before seeing a really substantial income.
* Ask for referrals. Ask, “Do you know anyone who might be looking to earn some extra money?”
* Build a list of contacts. Add to it daily.
* Don’t become obsessed with sponsoring a “heavy hitter.” Instead, learn how to become a heavy hitter yourself.
What is the best way to use rewards, incentives, and contests for team building?
How do you get your team members to retain their Team Leader ranks each month?
How do I convince my team members that investing in their SFI business is smart?
Using E-Cards for your current affiliates…
SFI E-Cards are fun, little digital “greeting cards” designed for sending to friends, family, and co-workers to tell them about SFI and TripleClicks. They are purposely “casual” in nature and are very easy and fun to use.
As an SFI sponsor, you can send E-Cards to:
* Welcome new PSAs, CSAs, and Second Home CSAs to your team.
* Congratulate new EAs and Team Leaders in your group.
* Tell specific affiliates they’re doing a great job
* Recognize affiliates who’ve won the Daily Grand.
* Recognize birthdays and SFI anniversaries.
* Send an affiliate a card celebrating a specific holiday
* Let your affiliates know you’re available and there to help them.
* Just say “Keep up the great work!” to a hard-working member of your team.
* And more!
You can choose from among dozens of cards–some colorful, some funny, some a bit silly, and some beautiful. There are E-Cards that automatically personalize themselves with your recipients’ SFI account photo, as well as cards for “special situations,” such as an affiliate who has stopped logging in at the Affiliate Center. You can use any of these E-Cards you like, completely free.
There are also some fun “Please don’t go!” cards you can use to send to those “dreaded red-flagged affiliates” in your Genealogy who are about to be purged.
TIP: Do NOT expect recipients of your cards to reply or take action immediately. Also, don’t send E-Cards so often that you become an annoyance, or your affiliates will just begin to ignore your messages and delete them without even opening them.
How to use E-Cards for your current affiliates:
Your PSAs, CSAs, or upline members (Sponsor or Team Leader) will have an E-Card button displayed on their Affiliate Snapshot.
1. Click and hold down the button to initiate.
You’ll now see a short menu of card categories. Feel free to browse around the different categories so you can see all the different designs we’ve made available for you. Familiarize yourself with each category so you’ll know what cards you can use for different occurrences, events, and situations.
2. Choose the desired category, and you’ll see an index of all the available cards for your chosen category.
3. Click the card you want, then enter your personal message on the Preview Screen. Click the “SEND MESSAGE” button when you’re ready.
That’s it, your card will be instantly sent to your recipient!
What is the best way to make my Leadership Page more effective?
What makes a good and proficient leader in SFI?
How do you encourage your team to submit their sponsor ratings?
What’s a good welcome letter to send to new CSAs?
The Ask SC archive includes 52,387 answers to 842 business-boosting questions about nearly all aspects of the SFI program. To search the entire Ask SC database, see:
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* Develop 5 PTLs (Platinum Team Leaders) on your first level
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The SFI Forum is one of our most powerful resources for Affiliates all over the world. Featuring in-depth discussions of SFI news, products, programs, and more, the Forum lets SFI affiliates brainstorm, share tips and ideas, get questions answered 24/7, and more!
Learn more about the Forum at:
As an SFI Team Leader, YOU have attained some success in SFI and have valuable experience and wisdom to share with your fellow affiliates. Remember, 40% of all CV in commissions come from the TripleClicks Executive Pool–which EVERY affiliate contributes to. The stronger the Forum is, the higher your income can go. By sharing your insights and tips with the entire affiliate base, you can indirectly grow your own income!
If you’re not already posting at the Forum, what are you waiting for?! Take a moment right now and check it out!
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