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The Compensation Plan

In this section, we’re going to give you a simplified overview of SFI’s Compensation Plan and show you how many ways there are to make money with SFI and TripleClicks!

SFI believes in multiple streams of income too. And they’ve built that into their Comp Plan, giving you SIX ways to earn commissions:

  • Direct Commissions
  • TripleClicks Executive Pool
  • Co-Sponsor Commissions
  • TCredit Bonuses
  • The ECA Referral Program
  • SFI’s Pay-Per-Action Program

Direct Commissions
Every time one of your personally sponsored affiliates or TripleClicks members makes a purchase through TripleClicks, you earn 45% of the product’s Commission Volume.

To start earning your share, start referring new TripleClick members and sponsor new Affiliates!

Need help? Join the S-Builder Co-op!

TripleClicks Executive Pool
When you joined SFI, you became a part of the TC Executive Pool! This is a simple revenue-sharing program that SFI put in place to compensate its affiliates for helping to grow the business!

The revenue you earn is based on the number of VersaPoints you earn each month. The more VPs, the more shares you earn, the more money you make!

Co-Sponsor Commissions
Every time one of your co-sponsored affiliates (CSAs) makes a TC purchase, you earn 15% of the CV. How do you get CSAs? Easy:

  • Maintain a minimum of 1500 VPs and you’ll get two CSAs each month.
  • Win CSAs in the Daily Grand contest!
  • Win CSAs in the Entrepreneur365 Finalist drawing
  • Become a Team Leader and receive forfeited CSAs


TCredit Bonus
Get up to 20 FREE TCredits every month! TCredits are ‘Cash’ inside of TripleClicks. You can use them to:

  1. Bid on PriceBender’s Auctions
  2. List items in your store
  3. Redeem them for other people’s store items
  4. Transfer them to your affiliates as incentives or contest prizes


ECA Referral Program
Refer new members to the E-Commerce Affiliate program inside of TripleClicks!

Who do you know that sells products locally, who doesn’t have a web presence? Refer them to the TC ECA program and start earning commissions on their sales, PLUS extra VPs every time they list a new item!


SFI Pay-Per-Action
Need some quick cash? Advertise your PPA Gateway link and earn a ‘bounty’ every time someone signs up!

  1. SFI AFFILIATE SIGN-UPS: Earn up to $12 for each qualified sign-up
  2. TC MEMBER SIGN-UPS: Earn up to $5 for each qualified sign-up

If You Have Not Joined SFI Yet Because You Came From An Organic Traffic Source

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